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Twickenham Office Moves

We are your first stop for Office moves in and around the Twickenham area. We have helped many businesses move between office premises over the years, taking care of the many issues that present themselves prior to, and during the move. We always aim to make your office move as stress free as possible.

No matter whether you have a large or a small business we can help you relocate efficiently and within your budget.

Our first step, will be visiting you at a convenient time during the day, evening or on weekends. This is so that we can take a look at what needs moving and understand any particular logistical issues that exist. This usually relates to moving computer equipment and other office equipment that you either own or lease.

Moving IT Equipment

If you have either an IT Department or an outside IT advisor we will liaise with them over specific issues around moving computers, servers, etc., and any special packing needs to ensure a smooth move. We will also discuss whether equipment needs to be moved over a weekend. This can allow staff to hit the ground running after the weekend ensuring continuity of management of your client’s needs.

Moving Documents & Files

Even in a ‘paperless office’ files and documents generate and grow at an alarming rate! We always advise our clients to use their office move as an opportunity to declutter, firstly because moving it all costs money and secondly because it will make more room in the new office(s). We can help by advising on storage solutions or by taking old paperwork for security shredding or disposal.

Moving Office Furniture

Unless you are using the move to upgrade desks and cabinets, we will advise on how to move furniture. We’ve become expert at dismantling and re-assembling furniture over the years.

Office Removal Storage

For one reason or another, sometimes it’s impossible to move everything simultaneously. For example, not all the new space being ready at the same time, or redecorations are being undertaken. When this happens, we’ll store furniture; old files, etc. in a safe and secure location until you are ready to have them moved. They’ll be marked with contents when needed so that they can be swiftly recovered when needed.

Twickenham Parking Suspensions

If your office or premises are in a Controlled Parking Zone or has single or double yellow lines outside of it, you will need to apply for a parking suspension unless you have a parking area that can accommodate our vans. Twickenham Council require seven working days’ notice to process a suspension and dispensation application which can be found by following the link.

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Twickenham Home Moves.

Whether you are moving from a small flat to a slightly larger one, or from a small house to a much larger one we are ready to help with your move.

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Our special deals with local storage unit owners allows us to give you great rates if you require storage for a few weeks or for several months,

Twickenham office moves.

We’ve moved some offices several times as their business has expanded. We try to move at weekends so that work is disrupted as little as possible.

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We will visit you to measure doorways, count items and look at what needs moving and what will need special packing and care. We will then give you a comprehensive quote for your move…it will be competitive too!